How It Works

Live Products: Every couple of weeks we are going to offer you guys a few fresh new styles. These are unreleased pieces or special made just for you. For two weeks we leave it up to you guys to tell us what to make (based on how much you pre-order). If something passes the minimum; we start production and you will be charged. If something doesn’t hit the minimum, you’ll never be charged and it’s on to the next collection.

Archives: We get hit up all the time about retros so we decided to unleash this archive. By hitting the “want” button, you are voting for products you want us to reproduce for you. The best way to push a retro style back to recreation is to “want” it and then to share with your crew so they do the same. Once we get enough wants we will push the product live, and let you all confirm your orders, and boom, another masterpiece is created, all because of you.

Was I charged when i placed an order? How the system works is that it authorized the amount on your card so we can charge you in the future. You may see a temporary authorization in the "pending charges" section of your credit card activity. Don’t sweat it – that’s just a way of making sure that your credit card is valid. If the campaign doesn't reach its goal, it will simply disappear. If you're using a debit card, your preauthorization may appear as a charge, because most debit card systems do not have a way of reflecting preauthorizations. Just know that your card hasn't been charged and no money has exchanged hands.


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